Wire Rope Lubricator Systems

Top Qualities that Distinguish Our Wire Rope Lubricator Systems

There are many types of machines and structures that utilize masto wire ropes at the core of their application. From shovels, drilling rigs, elevators, cable-stayed towers to suspension bridges the applications are myriad. Each wire rope comes in different sizes and designs but the bottom line is that operations in any setting are improved by these fixtures.

Your wire ropes are under constant pressure and exposure to extreme weather. To enhance the functionality of your structures, we have developed the most effective wire rope lubricant units. We have decades of experience in the industry and our mission is to provide the easiest and efficient lubrication systems for all industries. Our products have been demonstrated to top clients and they have always given their approval. Why should you try out our lubrication units?

Intense Lubrication with Our Wire Rope Lubricator

Unlike brushing or spraying lubricants on your wire ropes our units are optimized to provide holistic greasing of the rope structure. We appreciate that the exposed external surface requires lubrication but our designers also understand the need for inner core protection. By greasing both areas, our lubrication unit protects both against physical damage and internal corrosion caused by egression of moisture.

Convenient Lubrication Using Our Wire Rope Lubricator

As the maintenance engineer, you will concur that hand lubrication is one of the most undesirable tasks in your job description. Our wire rope lubricator leverages modern technology to provide a neat and convenient lubrication that will not mess your operations area. The process is also faster and more effective than any other method. In only one application, you are able to clean and oil the surface, and groove patterns of your wire ropes.

Proven Wire Rope Lubricator Unit

The wire passes through the ingeniously designed, 100% pressurized, immersion chamber system of our lubrication unit. In the process, any internal moisture in the inner core is displaced and the new coating system replaces it. Whether you are using a number 1 grade viscosity lubricant or a number 2 grade coating, our system is versatile and can handle both.

Multi-Protection Wire Rope Lubricator

Our lubrication unit is optimized not only to protect your ropes against corrosion but also prevent physical damage due to friction. The unit has been extensively tested in different environments to guarantee functionality.

If you are looking for a comprehensive protection system for your ropes and wire rope maintenance, our wire rope lubricator provides an affordable yet effective solution. You will be able to enhance your company’s productivity with enhanced efficiency provided by this lubrication unit.

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